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At Michael Morse Construction Co. our team is glad to provide Cohasset residents with our kitchen, bathroom, and other home remodeling services. Cohasset is a Norfolk County town that is home to about 9,000 residents. It’s a small, picturesque town that broke away from the communities of Hull and Hingham in 1803 to become its own town. Cohasset is known for its beautiful rocky shores and outstanding views. We love working in this town and providing residents with our home remodeling services. Keep reading below for more information on the services that we offer.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Duxbury, MA

One of our top services at Morse is kitchen remodeling. We’ve helped tons of homeowners throughout the South Shore reimagine their kitchens. The kitchen of any home is one of the premier spaces. It needs to serve your everyday needs as well as entertainment purposes. Regardless of the style of kitchen you prefer, Michael Morse Construction Co can help. We cover each and every aspect of a kitchen remodel from floor to ceiling. 

Michael Morse Construction Co. handles the entirety of your Duxbury, MA kitchen remodel managing every aspect from start to finish. The experience and modern design features we install can help make your daily life easier and inviting guests over more enjoyable. Contact us in Duxbury today for more info. 

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Duxbury, MA

Next up in Duxbury is our bathroom remodeling services. Your bathrooms are quintessential spaces in your home that need to fit your lifestyle. We start off by working closely with you to find the ideal design option available. We cover each and every aspect of a bathroom remodel flooring, lighting, and everything in between. With our experience, we can build a bathroom that improves the value and convenience of your home while staying on budget. Contact our team in Duxbury, MA today for a bathroom remodeling quote

Home Remodeling Services in Duxbury, MA

Micheal Morse Construction Co. also offers basement remodeling, deck building, and more to make your dream home a reality. We’ve helped so many South Shore residents add valuable living space to their homes. Let our team help you plan, design, and build your home into one that fits all of your needs and that you’re proud of. You can reach us in Duxbury today by filling out a contact form or calling us at 508-982-6722

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